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Our productivity and profitability reflect our commitment to quality

  1. We understand quality as not only as the technical specifications of a product in a narrower sense, but primarily as the "quality of life" of the whole of our organization. We seek to achieve required levels of quality in consultation with all of our employees, each of whom understands quality not only in terms of the interests of the organization but also of their own interests.
  2. Our dealings with our suppliers are on an open and responsible footing, and they place a heavy emphasis on quality. Part of our cooperation is the regular evaluation of suppliers.
  3. A central aim of our management and all our employees is a loyal, satisfied customer.
  4. We hold the conviction that anticipating problems is simpler and cheaper than solving their results.
  5. We pursue every opportunity and all available information for the creation of a self-contained system of quality control management.
  6. All of our employees have - as determined by their position - clearly defined duties in respect of quality assurance and an active interest in the ongoing improvement of their work, plus a responsibility shared with the management for the prosperity of the organization.

For us the competition is not an enemy but a measure and motivating factor for our continuous improvement.

TÜV CZ - certification body for certification Systems of Quality Assurance accredited by ČIA approves that organization BEST TRANSPORT, a.s. introduced and uses Systems of Quality Assurance, corresponding to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001

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